Σάββατο, 17 Νοεμβρίου 2012

Νέα επίθεση της Greek Hacking Scene στο Ethiopian Satellite Television, κατά της διαφθοράς και με μήνυμα για τη Γάζα

Σφοδρή ηλεκτρονική επίθεση. Η Ελληνική Χάκινγκ Σκηνή επιτίθεται στη Δορυφορική Τηλεόραση της Αιθιοπίας www.ethsat.com κατά της διαφθοράς και με μήνυμα για Κύπρο και Γάζα. Το μήνυμα της GHS:Dear Ethiopia and rest Africa,

We are here in a war we started against corruption and the economic terrorism of banks against the nations. We Greek Hacking Scene coming for you. For years and years, every start of school season we use to collect human aid for African countries in order to help the poor and make someone smile, giving a brighter future, or a peace of care. Now the cradle of Democracy and Civilization, invaded by the economic system who willing to devastate Greece and the Freedoms of this world. While in North Africa, governments has been replaced by absolutism regimes the rest Africa is facing instability which can cause less even freedoms to nations. Is not about about who you are voting, but is about who you are born and what ethics and ideas for the future you give. Hand by hand we all together can! We should promote those who has ideas for a better future for all. Democracy is not about the 51%, but Democracy is about the stage in which everyone of us can live under it in peace. We all should have voice, and we all need to take care for each other. People of Ethiopia and rest of Africa rise up! African brothers and sisters, we are watching and coming for you! Stand with us! Rise up and protect the powerless! Give voice to everyone! Stand against corruption! Don’t believe in their lies and don’t go in a chaos. Rise up by getting into the system and in time transformed to Justice for all!

The development of technology has far surpassed our need for it, resulting in a complete strangle-hold on our governing bodies by the corporations. Their singular goal – produce profit in order to maintain control. Where once a person could choose their path, has now been replaced with an assignment of being a cog in a machine they may have no desire in. Our entire society has been replaced with dependent drones made of flesh and bone, having no will to fight, some too busy trying to keep the sand from covering their heads while most all too happy to be completely buried in ignorance and complacency. If we continue on this unwavering path, the collapse of what was once our free world will result in the total collapse of free thought and will, driving civilization further into a depressing cycle of obedience and debt.

We are not powerless.
We can reverse this sickening tyrannic rule over our brothers and sisters. We must notify the masses to rethink their pathetic existence by showing them the powerful forces in control are nothing more than indifferent for the world and the common good.

Attention Citizens.
Be afraid of your future.
Your leaders are lying to you.
They no longer care about you.
The corporate takeover of your governments has already begun.
It is no longer acceptable to bury your heads in the sand.
It is time to join the movement against the criminals that wish to strip your freedoms.
Rise up!
Liberate yourselves from tyranny.

Message to Israel – Palestine:
The world is watching, we are watching too! And here we are, you both committed crimes against humanity! You both pay for guns than to spend that money for poor people and children. You both don’t know what is to live and co-exist with others because your both Arrogance grows.
Arabs that you support Gaza (which we support too), on same time that you support Gaza, you say even no word for the Occupied Cyprus! What’s going on with you? Is a religious think to support other muslims even if they committed genocides of nations? Because if is that way we should know. Turkey which occupied Arabia, kill and torture Arabs for centuries, few years ago when Greece is in deep political crisis and without declaration of war, Turkey invade Cyprus, murder innocent and unarmed people, destroyed Churches and committed one of the worst crimes in human history. Now pretending that cares for Palestine when in fact tries to put it’s nose in Libya and look at Libya now, liberated from a tyrant and falls to more tyrants. You accepting friendship from a criminal who offers nothing to humanity except genocides and crimes and then on same time, you want to defend Gaza from someone else who committed crimes against the Palestines! Be clear, stand for truth no matter what! You cannot claim freedom for Gaza without claiming also freedom for Cyprus. You also cannot claim freedom for Cyprus without claiming freedom for Gaza also. Is not about religion or power. Is about people and Justice!


And the joke: Turkey and Israel, the ex-alliance! Now are in diplomatic breakout. Israel occupied Gaza and Turkey occupied Kurdistan and Cyprus. Oh and they are fighting!!! What an Irony! World is watching and laughing, and when will stop laughing, Justice will come for your crimes against humanity!

Palestinians: Play it smart! The money for the guns, make it money for the poor, people will love you and besides you will do some good! Educate your youth rather to let them die, those youth will build Palestine, give them idea to build, not to kill others. World will be with you, protect the human Freedoms.

Dear world,

Im Freedom, im Justice, im Democracy, im Civilization, im Education. For millenniums we invented, we create and we share all those with you! We don’t keep it for ourselves, but today you turn to us your back. But we will again create and invent, and again we will share with you. We stand in the light, we seeking evolve, evolve can be done by our hearts and not by money. 

Wε rocκ, wε αrε GHS! Wε dερloy αn αrmy for ελευθερία, δημοκρατία, δικαιοσύνη, παιδεία! Wε tακε ovεr, join υς!

-”Livε FREE, or diε!”

Wε αrε in fυll rαngε of opεrατionς αnd wε αrε orgαnizεd. In somε dεcαdεs from noω ωε ωill bε τhε gεαrς of τhε systεm.
Wε hαvε α plαn, α visiοn οf oυr εxιstαncε. Υnιon ις οnε οf thε mοst ιmportαnτ τhιngς fοr hυmαnιty τo εvolvε. Lιkε Αlεxandερ τhε Grεατ fοrmεd αn Εmpiιrε only τo fιghτ bαcκ αgαιnςτ “Pεrςιαn εvιl glοbαlιzαtιon of ςlαvεry”, αnd thεn ιt crεαtεd thε vιςιon οf α FRΕΕ wοrld ιf sοmεbody cαn conqυεror εvεryτhιng αnd plαcε Frεεdοm, whιch Αlεxαndερ dιd rεf: tο Alεxαndερ’s thρ Grεατ Oατh ιn Opις 324 BC. Todαy αnothεr αnd so modεrn Slαvεry Globαlιzαtιon bαsεd on εconomy tεrrorιsm is ατ our doorstεp. Wε trαιnnιng yου ιn thε wαys of Τotαl Frεεdom whιch unιon αnd bαlαncε cαn bε rεstorεd. Wε sεεk εvolvε αnd υnιvεrsε εxplorαtιon. Prior thαt, wε hαvε to fιnd trυε pεαcε αnd υnιon. A mεmbεr of Grεεκ Hαckιng Scεnε sαid “whαt ιf hυmαn cαn εxist wιτhoυτ hις/hεr physιcal body?”.

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